Rejuvu Treatments

Rejuvi Treatments are a combination of Rejuvi products applied in accordance with specific procedures developed at Rejuvi Laboratories. In most cases, we recommend a follow-up home care program, which can be managed using Rejuvi Products available here at the Studio.We currently provide the following Rejuvi professional skin care treatments:


Acne Treatment

$ 100.00

Tough Acne Treatment

$ 150.00

Gentle Milk Peel

$ 125.00

Scar / Stretch Mark Treatment

(by case)

Skin Lightening Treatment

$ 125.00

Brown Spot and Mole Treatment (per spot)

$ 35.00

Pore Reduction Treatment

$ 125.00

Anti-Aging eye treatment

$ 125.00

Facial Treatment for Dehydrated skin

$ 75.00

Sea Weed soft gel mask

$ 75.00

Peel and Silk Mask

$ 75.00

Collagen Firming Mask

$ 75.00

AHA Conditioning Mask

$ 75.00


Microdermabrasion in Tallahassee


All treatments are scientifically tested, and procedures are carefully specified for proven results.

Rejuvi Skin Care

All treatments are medically proven, and specifically designed to be completely safe . . .